Reflecting and Looking Forward

Two days ago, the United States of America’s election shocked the world. The ripple effects since have echoed across every corner, leaving millions feeling confused in the disarray. In wake of recent events, it has not been any surprise to me to see people hugging and crying on the streets, at bars, or even at work.

Maneuvering the work space can be tricky when a major national event imposes precarious changes in our realities. Will the economy and stocks plummet, making the job search more difficult than it perhaps already is? Will the decisions made in this election affect how nonprofits and philanthropies operate? As a woman, will I ever make more than 70 cents to a man’s dollar?

According to Wired, 90 percent of people who’ve reported emotional distress say that the toll of this election has been worse than any before. Uncertainty characterizes this period and will continue to for an immeasurable time ahead.

Credit to Amitizi Photography

The day after the election, I was an emotional mess and felt strongly that I could not make it work. Then, I thought of all of the women before me who got knocked down throughout the decades but kept fighting for equal gender rights. They didn’t give up, and I’m thankful today for their actions.

My strongest form of resistance could very well be my education and my career. I went to work that day, participated in a protest, and attended a networking event titled, “Career Opportunities in Change Communications.” For years, I have pledged to contribute to the equality and justice movements both in my work and personal life. Recent events, despite the hardships of them, have opened doors to integrate social innovation into our networks and organizations.

While I was able to make the most of my day to feel reassured about progressing forward, I know this will be a daily struggle for a long time to come. If you are having a hard time in the wake of the election, give yourself the time and space to heal when you can. Bustle shares helpful tips on how to cope, including allowing yourself to cool off and reflect on what you’re grateful for.  Connect with your community, even your co-workers, and bask in the collective passion and support we can share. Choose to feel empowered by going to work or any productive activity you engage in. Inspire yourself with reminders of what builds your ambitions. Resist even through actions that may seem small; helping at a community garden, volunteering at shelters, or donating a dollar to a progressive charity all contribute to the efforts against tyranny. It’s not as hard if we all do our parts. But most of all, never forget that love always wins.

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