Accepting Aching Bones

From a young age, we’re conditioned to believe that being an adult isn’t enjoyable. As we progress into adolescence, we savor our youth to numb our sense of inevitable aging. We joke that we “feel old,” but we focus on the negative lights on our naive faces, avoiding the acknowledgement that this moment is the youngest we’ll ever be. We resent our stretch marks, fine lines, and aches. Every day seems like a unwanted push toward anything worse than the present.

When we neglect to give value to the present moment, we rush blind through journeys that shape our bodies and character, then wonder where all the time went. Trace your stretch marks with gentle fingertips; know that they are the unique stripes of your identity as it has come into form. Recognize that every blemish is an indication of toxins to release. Your body is not airbrushed; it was created beautiful with every scar in mind. Embrace your curves and edges for you are one of a kind.

Let your body showcase your story in ways your words can’t. You deserve every spotlight, no matter how exposing they might be. Honesty is true beauty in its simplest, rawest form. Provide yourself the venue to be good to yourself, wholly and sincerely. At the end of each day, at the end of this lifetime, you only have this body and this journey. Make yourself your priority.

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