Playlist: Stargazing

In celebration of the Lyrids Meteor Shower, occurring across the world’s skies from April 16th to the 25th, I’m sharing my playlist specifically for your stargazing mood.

This playlist is a myriad of a genre I call, “chill vibe indie electronic.” I just made that mouthful up, but that’s the gist of the sounds you’ll hear.

Favorite moments with these songs have manifested as parking my car on a mount’s peak, convertible top down, friends snuggled in fleece blankets, observing the expansive sky above and the personal, humbling recognition of our smallness. When Portland’s constant overcast obstructs me from stargazing like I would in these memories, I listen to this playlist while winding down in the evening. While not particularly sleepy, this playlist definitely gives off a more relaxing, yet generally positive tone. Spare a listen to some of my choice songs by Jon Sine, Ta-ku, Emmit Fenn, and SAFIA.

The Lyrids Meteor Shower will peak during the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. Make sure you scope out a prime viewing spot beforehand so you don’t miss out on the show’s climax. Areas with too much light pollution can put a damper on optimal viewing opportunities, so if you have the accessibility to reach higher altitude places outside of town, I highly recommend it.




Special shout-out to Justin Hartney, a supremely talented photographer who specializes in capturing stunning landscape shots. Only recently passing the threshold into his early twenties, Justin has already distinguished himself as a talented artisan in digital photography. With millions of views on his most viral images, Justin has been able to share nature’s wondrous beauty with folks across the globe. As a fellow Silicon Valley native and University of Oregon Duck, needless to say, it’s exciting to see what further adventures his photography career will take him!

Happy stargazing!

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