Dear Fellow White Folks

Regardless of your stance on the national election, our world is rapidly transitioning into more a difficult, yet uncertain future. The ongoing unrest, violence, and hate are not just “going to get better with time.” We can’t erase the damage that is dangerously gaining momentum, or forget about previous decades of civil rights activism that fought for humans’ rights today. Many of our community members, fellow citizens, and likely some close to you, are now at significantly more risk of assault, deportation, and/or various other oppressions.

But contrary to popular belief, progress doesn’t come from just wearing a safety pin on your jacket. When 70% of voters were white, the majority of white people voted for Trump, and Trump has been linked to white supremacy movements, we can’t reasonably deny that racial biases affected the election results. People in our racial class and demographics made this election result happen. Whether or not you agree with it, it is our responsibility to help advocate for those who are too often silenced, because we have the racial privilege of being more likely to be listened to.

This means speaking up when you witness prejudice, discrimination, or other forms of oppression. Support the movements of marginalized communities, and trust that they know what is best for them. Learn empathy/compassion/understanding, as well as about the experiences of those different than you. We all have pain in our lives, but we can’t limit our scopes of reality to merely ourselves. Many of us may have gotten used to that, but we have an immeasurably challenging battle ahead to make our nation more safe and inclusive for all. There is no time to waste (just ask Mother Earth).

Here is a list of constructive actions you can make in your everyday life.
Another valuable perspective of where we go from here is shared in this article.

Dear friends, acquaintances, strangers (of all backgrounds)– I beg that you please do not become complacent to the issues and dangers we and our community members are facing. Love will not be defeated. We all have more power than we might think; far more than one vote each. We have voices, ambitions, and strength in numbers. To the best of my own ability, I pledge to be the best ally, advocate, listening ear and shoulder to lean on for anyone. I may not be perfect, and I still have a lot to learn (I’m sure from this post as well). However, we can’t keep “liking” posts and be moving on. We progress by beginning with healthy conversations. May we all open our minds to learn from each other and inspire love loud enough to break the walls fear has built up.

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