Behind the name, “Crystal Claire”

Funny enough, “Crystal Claire” was first bestowed upon me as my ‘rapper name’ at my high school’s hip hop & poetry club. Since then, the name has flowed off the tongue at countless parties & festivals– even when my poetry slam skills stutter. Not only it is a convenient way to distinguish myself from the infinite other “Claire J’s” online, but the name has come to embody the woman I strive to be every day.

To me, “Crystal Claire” is clear on her intentions, ambitions, & self-awareness. She holds herself with grace, centered by an internal compass that ever-guides her to destinations of her dreams, all while unconditionally honoring each step along the way. Even if it means honestly looking herself in the mirror & asking herself to make a change.

56920219_411447679588623_973622515672809472_n.jpg“Crystal Claire” lives the qualities I admire: compassion, joy, generosity, forgiveness, light-heartedness, gentility, empathy, intelligent independence & benevolence. She is unwaveringly courageous & unconditionally loving. She finds the silver lining & lessons learned in even the most troubling challenges, because she knows that is what truly fortifies her & others into a better reality.

A recent week spent at my parent’s home resurfaced stagnant & dated patterns I thought I had moved on from long ago: toxic thoughts about myself in particular. In a challenging moment, I heard my mind call myself the mean names I once shamed myself with as a teenager. However, I recognized that these mindsets were being unveiled for my benefit of fully understanding & healing them, so I asked myself, “What would Crystal Claire do?”

Gazing into my eyes across the mirror, I declared who I am now, including the qualities I intend to uphold each day. Breathing into the tender spaces in my heart, I forgave myself for the mistakes I had made in times I was not actively acting upon my values. I reminded myself of who I am now & who I am becoming. I clutched my selenite tower to my chest & remembered with each exhale. Within minutes, I felt more calm, grounded, & centered.

Illustrating what your “ideal self” is like can be an incredibly powerful way to step into the embodiment of your best qualities. For me, “Crystal Claire” isn’t just a party nickname, she’s an ever-present reminder of the characteristics I want to exemplify. Not quite like a double-life scenario; more like a daily reminder to continuously grow & blossom into all that brings me joy, healing, & love.

56764673_2651897434826377_4714500225459290112_nAdditionally, “Crystal Claire” further resonated  as I expanded my knowledge & enthusiasm for crystals & minerals. Not only are they amazing examples of Mother Nature at her finest glory, but many who are receptive of their unique frequencies can gain personal benefits from their presence. What started as a subtle difference in how I felt after turning on my himalayan salt lamp grew into a passion for working with a myriad of stones regularly. August 2018, I experienced the most undeniably powerful healing with a selenite tablet the size of my core. Lying on the grass at a Beloved Festival sanctuary with the tablet on my chest, I felt a surging energy pulse through my body. Overcome by the potent light energy penetrating my heart, I began sobbing as I felt emotional blockages from years past be transmuted & detoxed out through my tears. One of the most impressive energetic healing experiences of my life, I walked away feeling truly anew. Should your curiosity be spiked, I invite you all to learn more about the benefits of working with selenite.

Naturally, the name “Crystal Claire” came to fit. I intend to continue to share the values Crystal Claire upholds, & I thank you all for witnessing me during this exciting & fun personal evolution. Of course, please feel welcome to call me “Claire,” or “Crystal Claire,” however you like. After all, it is what we are behind the names that makes them compelling. Should a name help you feel strong or brighter– more aligned with who you truly are, I encourage you to explore what calling yourself by that name could mean for your personal growth, even if just in the mirror.

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