Power of Selenite

What’s Crystal Claire’s favorite crystal? Easy. Selenite.

Selenite’s name is in honor of the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. It can also commonly be called Desert Rose, Satin Spar, or Maria Glass. Crystals of this type are most frequently found in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Greece, Japan, & Australia.

56702243_2204893503094136_143930358453239808_nNot only will its elegant beauty capture your attention, immediately centering you back in the present moment, but its metaphysical qualities further offer tranquility to a busy mind. Mental clarity is one benefit selenite can aid you with, but it’s also especially potent with ridding your brain of negative thoughts– even those that may not originate from you.

Psychic attack is real (more on that later) & can happen on a subconscious level as well. That includes absorbing unwanted thought patterns or perceptions from unhelpful people in your life. Selenite helps to cleanse your mindset, & when paired with other stones, can amplify your intentions to call in more beneficial thoughts & energies.

As an example, I keep a bar of selenite next to my rose quartz heart in my closet space, so that I can “energetically robe” myself each morning with unconditional love & light.

Further to clearing the presence of your mind, Selenite can bring illumination to any confusion around psychic downloads you may receive during meditation. Selenite may be best known for its ability to connect with the angelic realms, & like its appearance, functions as a channel of light between us & our higher guides. As you balance the weight of Selenite in your hand, the striations catch the light like a vertical pillar, illuminating our pathways to spirit. Additionally, its potent healing capabilities act as “liquid light,” allowing Selenite to be effective in various energy healing modalities, including reiki & etheric surgery.

Not only has Selenite been my favorite crystal for these beautiful qualities, but personal life-changing experiences meditating with it have been profound. Once during a Toren Collective Ecstatic Awakening Meditation class, I envisioned my soul entering my own solar plexus chakra— the seat of our willpower. Once there, I saw in my mind’s eye a temple made out of pure Selenite. Upon entering, I gazed in awe of the elegance of the space, & saw my bodily limbs were similarly glowing like Selenite’s striations. Holding my forefingers to a blank wall, I carved in the word, “Love,” penetrating to the other side to reveal a warm sunset. Here, my guides joined me in chanting mantras of love.

Screenshot (36)The most powerful experience I’ve had with Selenite was at the 2018 Beloved Festival. I was with a soul brother visiting an installation he had created, & he let me hold a Selenite tablet from the altar. I laid in the grass cradling this Selenite slab the size of my core, gazing at the bright meteor shower overhead. Not only was this the largest Selenite I had ever held, but its energy was undeniably potent.

Within moments, I felt a surge of energy permeate my physical & energetic body: light energy was filtering into my entire being. It reached the core of my heart, & in true Selenite fashion, surrounded emotional blockages of pent-up pain with love, peace, & forgiveness. As an energy healer, I could tell the crystal was balancing & toning my chakras all at the same time. Overwhelmed by the release of stagnant pain from past traumas, I began sobbing, detoxing it all through my tears. It was incredible, to say the absolute least. When I had calmed, I felt lighter than ever before. Truly that my internal pain had been healed & replaced by the purest light. Never before had I experienced first-hand the full capabilities of what crystal healing could actually mean.

While everyone & anyone can perceive how they want about crystals & minerals, I am a believer in their metaphysical values because I have lived it. Should you have an open mind & a curiosity to explore, I invite you to spend time in meditation with a crystal of your choice. Alternatively, perhaps keep a crystal on a necklace or in your pocket– see if you feel any different than usual.

Portland: my favorite crystal shop is Celestial Awakenings with locations in SouthEast & Vancouver, WA.
Bay Area: The Love of Ganesha in San Francisco & East West Bookstore in Mountain View are both wonderful places to connect with stones before you may take them home.
Worldwide: Rose of Crystalline Synergy offers amazing crystals & artifacts that can be shipped internationally.

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