I am an Earth Worshiper

Is it the way her fresh oxygen expands my lungs? Or perhaps the deep cell-to-cell nourishment of clean water? Maybe it’s the way my zucchini grow from seeds in the backyard, or the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies.

It’s the mystery of what truly happens within the cocoon. The awe-inspiring truth that the smallest seed holds limitless DNA, intelligent enough to burst into perfect formations of a destined vegetable. I tenderly gaze at the grasshopper and wonder what we have in common. What pushes the wind to blow?

We choose naive ignorance by thinking the moon has no impact on us. Our lunar queen pulls and twists the tides as her personal orchestra. It is, at times, even arrogance to believe some waters are immune to such power. Just because it is invisible, doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.

Humanity has evolved remarkably over the millennium. Our technologies are, when used wisely, works of art. The roofs shielding us from storms were originally built by Mother Gaia. She provided all of our homes with her wood, her steel, her water, her gas, her fire. We would have absolutely nothing if it wasn’t for her. We could not live in cities if we didn’t originally begin in the wilderness. She has always been our home.

As I write this, Pachamama righteously rages with record-breaking fires in Brazil, Siberia, and West Africa. Hurricane Dorian looms over the east coast, warning of its impending reckoning. The Oregonian ocean-side is awakened with seismic shocks, sparking speculation of tsunamis and the overdue great Seattle earthquake. It’s raining micro-plastic. The icebergs are… well, polar bears are eating out of trash cans.

Fear is the easy response. That is, if you aren’t one to deny the reality that is happening (that is true self-absorption). We can’t bypass this one. To be truly whole is to also see the shadow for all that it is.

And it’s okay to be afraid. Honor the grief you may feel; it is valid. All the while, there is strength hidden beneath it. Surrender to the greater power of Gaia, while unveiling the Earth Warrior courage within you. Have faith in her greater plan and trust your role in upholding it. You are her child; she has the ultimate power, but each one of us need to stop hurting her. For our sake, her sake, and the trillions of living organisms we share this home with.


The rippling Butterfly Effect connects us with everything else on this planet. The ashes from Oregon wildfires will one day meet the ashes in Brazil. Decisions we make do count. Actions may feel insignificantly small, but picking up that litter on the beach saves one sea turtle’s life. Isn’t one life alone significant enough? Yes; Now, do it again.

It is time to reclaim our home. Shadows of humans have shackled chains on our food, water, air, ecosystems and abused their greed for far too long.

Their grip may feel too strong to break, but that is the illusion they want us to believe. The 1 percent can’t stand a chance against 99. What do they have behind their masks of money? Nothing but fear itself.

The animals want you to hear their cries for help and speak on their behalf. Advocate for their rights on this planet. Donate to organizations dedicated to healing them. Volunteer at your local animal shelter; learn how to rehabilitate wildlife. Leave out water so that birds, insects and roaming mammals have access to clean hydration. Fill feeders with healthy seed so that squirrels and crows don’t have to revert to your garbage.
You’ll be gifted with magical acts of gratitude: sweet songs in the morning, happily-working bees pollinating your flowers, butterflies that land nearby and allow you to gaze at their gentle glory.

The plants sing to you with their rustles in the wind. They speak of the symbiotic relationship we have danced with them for thousands of years: we take care of them, they feed us.
Oh, how incredible is that carrot? It sprouts from seed into a delicious, bright orange (or red, purple or white) root that nourishes us with the perfect amount of nutrients and vitamins in the ideal size portion and package. How does Mother Nature know what we need so well?

It’s because she is our Mother. Without her, none of us would have ever been here. She has loved and nurtured us even before our beginning. Money, wifi, sales-towers are nothing without her. She is endearingly amused by our collective-constructed illusions of what the world needs to “look like,” for she knows we are all awakening to the truth soon enough. She cries when we are blind to the fact that the entire world is her. She suffers from our selfish, mindless abuse. She begs us to please give her the notice, appreciation and care she has been asking for for centuries.

Call your mom. Thank her for all she has sacrificed for you. You may be hesitant to pick up the phone, or you might be so swept away by daily business you just keep forgetting to. You may be unsure of where to even find her.
If you are ever unclear, know that Pachamama is always right underneath your feet. Will you answer the call?


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