Energetic Hygiene: Your Tools for Clearing Unwanted Vibes

Do you recognize that you are an energetic being? That there is a pulse in your blood, thoughts in your mind, electricity between your neurons– all which emit vibrational frequencies?

Have you ever felt someone looking at you, even if you couldn’t see for yourself? Have you had an icky experience and thereafter a challenging time “shaking it off”? What about entering a room and receiving an emotional impression of the space’s energy? Even if no one is speaking, can you tell what the vibes are like?

Day to day, we are exposed to a diverse range of energies. Many of which– if we honestly asked ourselves– we wouldn’t want to take home with us.

Just as important as brushing our teeth, the practice of energy hygiene clears out auric fields of all those energies that don’t serve us. It’s like flossing for your energy body, and it’s essential to maintaining personal clarity and spiritual health.

Ancient cultures from across the world taught energy hygiene techniques. Records from the Egyptians, Incans, Mayans, Celts, Norse and various North American Indigenous cultures all reference methods of clearing one’s auric field. It is a natural aspect of being human– modern age has just generally forgotten.


All the power to you in your journey to optimal spiritual health. As always, please feel welcome to send me a message if you have any questions or would like to continue the dialogue!

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