Energetic Hygiene: Grounding Practices

This super candid & slightly silly walk-through of ✨Grounding✨ offers 3 tips + practices to help anchor yourself in what’s real, safe, & true. We go over:
🔹 The “I Spy” Game
🔹 “Earthing” Exercise
🔹 Cedar Brushing

My intention is that these messages & tools can help each of us return to our senses of center. These times are turbulent, to say the least, & Grounding is one of the most effective ways we can reset, recharge, + revitalize. 🔴
May your Root Chakras be clear, present & fulfilled ❣️
Take care of your bodies; get outside if you can; open a window. Make time for yourself to come back to Earth. 🌎 The wind tunnels of the mind can be a loud & hectic place. 🙏

May you feel peace + harmony with the Earth & within you🕊️ xoxo

Watch now on IGTV

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