Coming Alive: A Practice to Sync our Inner Nature with Mother Nature

Next time you’re outside, try touching the Earth– and really feeling it. No gloves, perhaps no shoes. Take a moment, and graze the soil grains between the ribs of your fingertips. This fertile ground is the foundation of everything we have.

Here, we explore mindfulness methods to practice connecting with Nature on a multi-sensory level. You are invited to try the following ritual, and see how it supports you in deepening your sense of presence and relationship with Mother Earth.

Consider all the things you may be grateful for: if you live in a house, the walls are made of trees, the stone tiles come from mines. The water (seemingly) endlessly  gushing from the faucet is originally sourced from mountains and springs. Your life, and the lives of all your loved ones, are possible by the nourishment natural food provides.

We are made by the Earth. Humans are not conquerors of our own Mother – no. Rather, too many of us have candidly been spoiled and ungrateful children, not recognizing the prowess and wonder of our true origins.

The salt in our skin is from the Earth. The water in our blood comes from Nature itself– the same H20 in the rivers, rains, & deltas. Our breath balances in perfect harmony with the plants, exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen in every seamless moment. The heat within our heartbeat– could it remind you of a fire spark, or molten lava of new earth?

This inherent connection can become delightfully encompassing the more it is acknowledged. To feel our feet on the ground, and no matter where we physically are, knowing that we belong here; we are always ‘at home’ in Mother Earth’s care– for she abundantly provides everything we need.

We may see this most clearly when we grow plants, perhaps nurturing new leaves on your pothos or cultivating tomatoes from seed. The sprouts or wilts remind us that plants are alive– and they’re our natural companions in life.

The more we recognize the life inherent in Nature, the more we come alive. We can notice more the subtle wonders all around us, which we may otherwise overlook. Air in our lungs is now more enlivening, water is deeply quenching, food is truly nourishing. Bird songs strum our heart-strings. Wind caresses us like a dear friend. Raindrops become gentle kisses, moisturizing our (often dehydrated) pores. 

And the more we notice the natural magic within the mundane, the more an entire landscape– our entire world– is enlivened. All of our senses become so encompassed by recognizing the power in elements we’ve otherwise overlooked, and the local park is now buzzing with life beyond measure.

We were born to commune with the Earth in ways far deeper than modern life would lead us to believe. Nature is a key to understanding who we are, as individuals and a collective, because Nature reminds us what it truly means to be human.

This practice can be as simple as you desire, although the power of your imagination allows it to expand limitlessly. Try in this moment, and especially outdoors if possible:

  • Take a moment to reset with a deep belly breath. A favorite sequence that can help lower distracting stress levels is to: inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, and exhale for six seconds.
  • From here, tune into each of your senses. Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them again, see if you can envision the colors and shades as more vivid. Can you notice something you didn’t observe before?
  • What are you hearing? Leaves rustling, fans blowing, cars passing or birds singing? Whatever it may be, if desired, imagine the sound vibrations are gently massaging your ears. 
  • As you continue to breathe, what can you taste or smell? Often in familiar environments, we may not notice our own scents. Can you describe it?
  • Feel your weight being supported and held by gravity. Touch the earth, or your skin, or anything else nearby, and really try feeling it. How would you describe the texture? Can you allow the texture, if desired, encompass your attention? 

From here, we can anchor into the reality that is our own Nature– and it all certainly amplifies when we are connecting with Nature.

You are warmly invited to try this practice and adjust it to your liking. Let (Crystal) Claire know how it was for you! May you enjoy & marvel in it all– always.