‘Nourishment Ritual’: Take Cooking to the Next Level with a Spice of Magic

This ritual for receiving multi-dimensional nourishment from any cuisine or drink you create is designed to support you in connecting holistically to your body, health, and soul. Incorporating mindfulness and meditative practices into the process can help any chef feel like they’re concocting a potion from Hogwarts. Ready to try?

Created by (Crystal) Claire, an Integrative Nutrition Health Guide and ordained Priestess, this ritual was written with the intention to bring more accessibility and awareness to the power that can happen when we consume (or rather, *commune) with our food more mindfully.

These practices can be incorporated into just about anything in your day-to-day, even beyond the kitchen. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to experiment! After all, what do we have to lose simply for spending a few extra moments to give our food a little love and presence? You may be surprised how much more nourishing your meals may feel!

Connect with (Crystal) Claire to share how this practice was for you!