Womb/Hara/Sacral Clearing Ritual

Receive these free recorded rituals, guiding you to clear & reclaim the sovereign power of your sacral center. Enter your email below & you’ll receive the direct access links with two options: one for womb-carriers & the second for all bodies/identities. Replays will be available for you to return to anytime.

Please prepare your space for sacred ceremony by ::

1) Ensuring that you have a comfortable, private place to rest either sitting or lying down

2) Having some tea or water nearby if you may need it

3) Create an ambiance that feels nourishing to you, perhaps by lighting candles and/or playing this playlist for sacred ritual lightly in the background.

Please do not hesitate to connect with (Crystal) Claire after the ritual if you have any questions or would desire further support ❤

You can take this journey further by receiving an in-person 1:1 Womb/Hara Clearing Body + Energy Work Massage with (Crystal) Claire.

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