No matter your age, background, or personality, we all share one thing in common: we’re individuals on our unique pursuits of happiness.

Regardless of how wise each of us may be, none of us can predict what happens tomorrow. Due to this uncertainty, many of us succumb to feelings of waywardness at one point or another. Despite technology connecting us closer to each other than humanity has ever experienced before, we oftentimes neglect to convey the messages we need to talk about the most. We inevitably uncover in ourselves semblances of loneliness or weakness when we do not recognize the support and empathy inherent in others’ experiences. So focused on our own feeds and timelines, technology often fails to nourish authentic human relations. Thus, it’s become too easy for us to look past what truly makes us happy.

For the typical millennial, this is a reality we’ve grown accustomed to. At the same time, it’s a truth we don’t have to accept. Crystal Clarity seeks to provide the intuitive wisdom, holistic tools, and healing services to assist folks on their journeys.

Take what you need, and let’s move forward together to enact positive change in our worlds.
Time calls for us to flourish and find our own crystal clarity.

Womb/Hara/Sacral Clearing Ritual

Receive these free recorded rituals, guiding you to clear & reclaim the sovereign power of your sacral center. Enter your email below & you’ll receive the direct access links with two options: one for womb-carriers & the second for all bodies/identities. Replays will be available for you to return to anytime.

Please prepare your space for sacred ceremony by ::

1) Ensuring that you have a comfortable, private place to rest either sitting or lying down

2) Having some tea or water nearby if you may need it

3) Create an ambiance that feels nourishing to you, perhaps by lighting candles and/or playing this playlist for sacred ritual lightly in the background.

Please do not hesitate to connect with (Crystal) Claire after the ritual if you have any questions or would desire further support ❤

You can take this journey further by receiving an in-person 1:1 Womb/Hara Clearing Body + Energy Work Massage with (Crystal) Claire.

Mushroom Medicine: Frameworks to Support the Journey

Medicinal mushrooms have been found to have extensive mental, physical, & energetic health benefits.

In this free informational packet on medicinal mushrooms, you’ll be equipped with a greater understanding of important contexts, considerations, & specificities about commonly-used mushroom strains. You’ll also be offered an opportunity to begin or deepen your journey with these medicines in an ethical way.

To further support your growing relationship with mushroom medicines, please enjoy these additional resources:

Important References:

Vibrational Therapy: How to Heal with Sound

Going back to that first physics class, you may have been taught that everything in our physical world is made up of a vibration: color, light, sound, even solid objects. The atomic structure is always vibrating, and the unique wavelengths are what differentiate one frequency from the next.

The same phenomenon applies to our human bodies. Visit any doctor’s office, they likely have a tool that reads the wavelengths of your body, such as your heart rate. Every part of your body resonates at a different frequency, from each organ to various muscle tissues down to the cellular level. These wavelengths can shift depending on countless factors, including our health, environment, and energy. How harmonious your body’s frequencies are can help determine where your health may be balanced or imbalanced, and why.

This is where vibrational therapy may be helpful. Any vibration that interacts with your body has an affect on you, albeit sometimes miniscule in feeling– but still present.

Similar to how your favorite song tugs at your heart-strings, there are particular sounds that can help your body and mind actually feel better. Those frequencies may be specific to you, and what feels supportive for you now may shift and change later– just as you do. We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational world, after all!

“If we accept that sound is vibration, and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. Sound enters the healing equation from several directions: It may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically; it may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn helps to regulate the immune system– the healer within.” 

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

The unique wavelength of every individual thing and being that exists is known as a “resonant frequency”. When two or more similar frequencies connect and harmonize, that concept in physics is called “resonance”. Say you have a guitar and a harp in the same room: if you pluck the B string on the guitar, the B string on the harp will start vibrating as well, without you touching it at all. This speaks volumes (literally) about the power of sound to have an affect even across a distance!

This same phenomenon exists in all areas of our existence. When our being is attuned to a specific frequency, we are more likely to connect with that which resonates. Consider when you’re at a live music concert: everyone in the crowd is receiving the same sound frequencies. Is it any wonder now that the chemistry, connection, and enjoyment shared between folks in the audience– even amongst complete strangers– can be so inspiring? It’s because everyone is tuning into a similar resonance field!

Cultures and traditions around the world have incorporated vibrational tools for thousands of years. From ancient times to modern day, Tibetans have used bowls, chimes, bells, and chanting as a practice to sync and balance aspects of the mind, body and spirit. These practices are tried and true– and certainly worth exploring.

Incorporating sound that supports your personal sense of well-being into your day-to-day can be significantly beneficial. Particular vibrational tools, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, or gongs, have been especially crafted to stimulate alpha and theta brain waves, which have been found to slow down the heart and respiratory rates, and thus promote a sense of peacefulness. Additional benefits may include:

  • Lower stress levels and improved endocrine function
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Fewer mood swings
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced perception of pain
  • Restoration of cellular activity
  • Alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD

While working with instruments can be incredible, you don’t need any tools to experience the perks of vibrational therapy! Here are three easy ways to practice vibrational healing:

  1. Hum, sing, use your voice!

Our throat and vocal cords are connected to the vagus nerve. When stimulated, the vagus nerve calms our parasympathetic nervous system, and overtime can reduce inflammation. We can ‘massage’ the vagus nerve when we use our voice in ways that feel good. The vagus nerve runs down to our pelvis, so when we do this, we’re also sending that healing intention throughout our whole body. Try it, even if just under your breath!

  1. Imbue sounds into your water– yes, really!

“The adult body is 75% water, and water is a great conductor for sound vibration. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates de-stress responses in the body.”

Malbert Lee, Gong Master

Dr. Masaru Emoto was known for his “water consciousness” experiments: He’d speak to one glass of water, “I love you” and “I hate you” onto another. Upon freezing water samples and analyzing under a microscope, he found the “I love you water” formed beautiful snowflake-like crystal structures, and the other looked far more messy and chaotic.

Critics question Emoto’s methodology, yet from observing how sound alone can ripple a water’s surface, we know that water is one of the most receptive substances to vibrational influence. Ancient traditions across a diversity of theologies have incorporated practices of “praying into the water” to amplify their blessings.

In modern day, some folks practice vocalizing an intention over their drink before consuming. This can look like imagining the emotion of having an easy, enjoyable day ahead, and sending that wish into the water.  It may seem a little out there, but why not give it a try and see how you feel? Could be fun!

  1. Listen to recorded sound baths

Take one gander on Spotify, Youtube, or Soundcloud with search terms like “singing bowl sound healing meditation” and you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. Find the sounds that resonate most with you and enjoy! (And if you can experience a sound bath in-person, 10/10 highly recommend it!)

Here’s a powerful Sound Bath Experience to try: Journey through the Seven Chakras with The Sacred Soundz

Vibrational therapy can be applied to further dimensions, including with food, plants, and strategic methods of ‘attraction’. We can get into all those another time, but for now, may your journey with sound be ever-expanding and supportive in all the ways you desire!

Coming Alive: A Practice to Sync our Inner Nature with Mother Nature

Next time you’re outside, try touching the Earth– and really feeling it. No gloves, perhaps no shoes. Take a moment, and graze the soil grains between the ribs of your fingertips. This fertile ground is the foundation of everything we have.

Here, we explore mindfulness methods to practice connecting with Nature on a multi-sensory level. You are invited to try the following ritual, and see how it supports you in deepening your sense of presence and relationship with Mother Earth.

Consider all the things you may be grateful for: if you live in a house, the walls are made of trees, the stone tiles come from mines. The water (seemingly) endlessly  gushing from the faucet is originally sourced from mountains and springs. Your life, and the lives of all your loved ones, are possible by the nourishment natural food provides.

We are made by the Earth. Humans are not conquerors of our own Mother – no. Rather, too many of us have candidly been spoiled and ungrateful children, not recognizing the prowess and wonder of our true origins.

The salt in our skin is from the Earth. The water in our blood comes from Nature itself– the same H20 in the rivers, rains, & deltas. Our breath balances in perfect harmony with the plants, exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen in every seamless moment. The heat within our heartbeat– could it remind you of a fire spark, or molten lava of new earth?

This inherent connection can become delightfully encompassing the more it is acknowledged. To feel our feet on the ground, and no matter where we physically are, knowing that we belong here; we are always ‘at home’ in Mother Earth’s care– for she abundantly provides everything we need.

We may see this most clearly when we grow plants, perhaps nurturing new leaves on your pothos or cultivating tomatoes from seed. The sprouts or wilts remind us that plants are alive– and they’re our natural companions in life.

The more we recognize the life inherent in Nature, the more we come alive. We can notice more the subtle wonders all around us, which we may otherwise overlook. Air in our lungs is now more enlivening, water is deeply quenching, food is truly nourishing. Bird songs strum our heart-strings. Wind caresses us like a dear friend. Raindrops become gentle kisses, moisturizing our (often dehydrated) pores. 

And the more we notice the natural magic within the mundane, the more an entire landscape– our entire world– is enlivened. All of our senses become so encompassed by recognizing the power in elements we’ve otherwise overlooked, and the local park is now buzzing with life beyond measure.

We were born to commune with the Earth in ways far deeper than modern life would lead us to believe. Nature is a key to understanding who we are, as individuals and a collective, because Nature reminds us what it truly means to be human.

This practice can be as simple as you desire, although the power of your imagination allows it to expand limitlessly. Try in this moment, and especially outdoors if possible:

  • Take a moment to reset with a deep belly breath. A favorite sequence that can help lower distracting stress levels is to: inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, and exhale for six seconds.
  • From here, tune into each of your senses. Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them again, see if you can envision the colors and shades as more vivid. Can you notice something you didn’t observe before?
  • What are you hearing? Leaves rustling, fans blowing, cars passing or birds singing? Whatever it may be, if desired, imagine the sound vibrations are gently massaging your ears. 
  • As you continue to breathe, what can you taste or smell? Often in familiar environments, we may not notice our own scents. Can you describe it?
  • Feel your weight being supported and held by gravity. Touch the earth, or your skin, or anything else nearby, and really try feeling it. How would you describe the texture? Can you allow the texture, if desired, encompass your attention? 

From here, we can anchor into the reality that is our own Nature– and it all certainly amplifies when we are connecting with Nature.

You are warmly invited to try this practice and adjust it to your liking. Let (Crystal) Claire know how it was for you! May you enjoy & marvel in it all– always.

‘Nourishment Ritual’: Take Cooking to the Next Level with a Spice of Magic

This ritual for receiving multi-dimensional nourishment from any cuisine or drink you create is designed to support you in connecting holistically to your body, health, and soul. Incorporating mindfulness and meditative practices into the process can help any chef feel like they’re concocting a potion from Hogwarts. Ready to try?

Created by (Crystal) Claire, an Integrative Nutrition Health Guide and ordained Priestess, this ritual was written with the intention to bring more accessibility and awareness to the power that can happen when we consume (or rather, *commune) with our food more mindfully.

These practices can be incorporated into just about anything in your day-to-day, even beyond the kitchen. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to experiment! After all, what do we have to lose simply for spending a few extra moments to give our food a little love and presence? You may be surprised how much more nourishing your meals may feel!

Connect with (Crystal) Claire to share how this practice was for you!

Cacao Communion: How to Enjoy & Respect Medicinal Drinking Chocolate

You may have heard of it– “Cacao, the most delicious superfood”. It’s grown in popularity over recent years, although it’s been around for thousands. Cacao is the original base for all of our favorite chocolate treats.

You know how we go nuts over chocolate for holidays or midnight snacks? That’s because especially in its purest state, it helps our bodies produce the chemicals of bliss and love. Perhaps our cravings can forge a neural connection to the traditional histories of this plant, including why the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs considered it as valuable as gold.

Cacao has been considered a medicine by communities all over the world. Ancient Central and South American cultures would host cacao ceremonies, in which the thick drinking chocolate would be served especially to royal elites, and even induce spiritual trances to connect with spirits and ancestors.

Indigenous folklore says that when the balance between humans and nature is threatened, the spirit of cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and restore harmony on earth. It’s been in recent years that Mayan Elders have granted permission for trained cacao guardians to share the ceremonial traditions worldwide, because they believe the world needs heart-healing medicine at this time.

Above all, cacao is considered a “heart medicine”. Especially during ceremonies or intentional settings, cacao is known to support us in opening our hearts, seeing more clearly, feeling and navigating our emotions, and immersing ourselves in creating deep relational connections.

This informational packet introduces the medicinal and traditional uses of cacao, so that we can commune with the medicine with respect to its historical lineage, rather than mindlessly consuming it like another Hershey bar on Halloween.

Additionally, we dive into the health and nutritious benefits that consider cacao a “superfood” or traditionally-speaking, “food of the Gods”. For these reasons, doctors even prescribed cacao to patients in the early days of its distribution throughout Europe.

In this free educational packet, you’ll learn:

  • What is cacao? What are its main nutritive components?
  • What are the histories and cultural traditions of cacao? How can I respectfully engage with this medicine?
  • What are the modern day complications of the cacao industry, and how can we source cacao ethically?
  • How can we prepare cacao? An “easy” method and “ceremonial” method are included, with distinctions as to which techniques make the difference.
  • What does it mean to commune with cacao in ceremony? General guidelines for ritual practices are provided.

Author (Crystal) Claire has been studying with the Cacao Spirit since 2017, including closely alongside mentor Serap Kara of Cacao Mama. When given the safe, sacred, ceremonial space to connect deeply with the Spirit of Cacao, she has found its revelations to be significantly profound and even slightly psychedelic. The more that we approach anything– especially plant medicine– with respectful intention, the more we can understand and experience its innate intelligence, beyond any preconceived expectations.

A good friend of (Crystal) Claire, Andrew of Cacao King works with Indigenous families in Panama and Ecuador to share this medicine in integrity while supporting small farmers. Make your next elixir with their cacao paste, and feel free to utilize the discount code: CRYSTALCFRIEND. We hope you enjoy!

(Crystal) Claire occasionally hosts cacao and natural medicine ceremonies on the West Coast, primarily in Portland, Oregon. All of her ceremonies incorporate fundraisers for Indigenous communities and environmental causes. Stay connected with her to join in an upcoming circle.

Share what you love about cacao; we’d love to hear!

May this medicine bless your life in all ways.

Energetic Hygiene: Grounding Practices

This super candid & slightly silly walk-through of ✨Grounding✨ offers 3 tips + practices to help anchor yourself in what’s real, safe, & true. We go over:
🔹 The “I Spy” Game
🔹 “Earthing” Exercise
🔹 Cedar Brushing

My intention is that these messages & tools can help each of us return to our senses of center. These times are turbulent, to say the least, & Grounding is one of the most effective ways we can reset, recharge, + revitalize. 🔴
May your Root Chakras be clear, present & fulfilled ❣️
Take care of your bodies; get outside if you can; open a window. Make time for yourself to come back to Earth. 🌎 The wind tunnels of the mind can be a loud & hectic place. 🙏

May you feel peace + harmony with the Earth & within you🕊️ xoxo

Watch now on IGTV

7 Plant Allies to Clear your Auric Field

As part of a series on Energetic Hygiene, practices to help clear your auric field & return to center, this video offers insight on ✨smoke cleansing✨.

Smoke cleansing is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries worldwide to release any unwanted energies attached to people, objects or places. To clarify, ‘smudging’ is a comparable practice attributed to & preserved by specific Indigenous cultures.

Here, we explore 7 different natural tools you can smoke cleanse with & how they uniquely can support you on your personal journey:
🔹White Sage (& Why you should not use this plant)
🔹Palo Santo (@sacredwoodessence is the most sustainable source I’ve found)
🔹Nag Champa Incense

May these practices serve you in returning to your highest vibrational point of being, grounded in your authentic truth. 🙏 Wishing you all peace of heart, body & mind 🕊️

Watch now on IGTV

Energetic Hygiene: Your Tools for Clearing Unwanted Vibes

Do you recognize that you are an energetic being? That there is a pulse in your blood, thoughts in your mind, electricity between your neurons– all which emit vibrational frequencies?

Have you ever felt someone looking at you, even if you couldn’t see for yourself? Have you had an icky experience and thereafter a challenging time “shaking it off”? What about entering a room and receiving an emotional impression of the space’s energy? Even if no one is speaking, can you tell what the vibes are like?

Day to day, we are exposed to a diverse range of energies. Many of which– if we honestly asked ourselves– we wouldn’t want to take home with us.

Just as important as brushing our teeth, the practice of energy hygiene clears out auric fields of all those energies that don’t serve us. It’s like flossing for your energy body, and it’s essential to maintaining personal clarity and spiritual health.

Ancient cultures from across the world taught energy hygiene techniques. Records from the Egyptians, Incans, Mayans, Celts, Norse and various North American Indigenous cultures all reference methods of clearing one’s auric field. It is a natural aspect of being human– modern age has just generally forgotten.


All the power to you in your journey to optimal spiritual health. As always, please feel welcome to send me a message if you have any questions or would like to continue the dialogue!

I am an Earth Worshiper

Is it the way her fresh oxygen expands my lungs? Or perhaps the deep cell-to-cell nourishment of clean water? Maybe it’s the way my zucchini grow from seeds in the backyard, or the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies.

It’s the mystery of what truly happens within the cocoon. The awe-inspiring truth that the smallest seed holds limitless DNA, intelligent enough to burst into perfect formations of a destined vegetable. I tenderly gaze at the grasshopper and wonder what we have in common. What pushes the wind to blow?

We choose naive ignorance by thinking the moon has no impact on us. Our lunar queen pulls and twists the tides as her personal orchestra. It is, at times, even arrogance to believe some waters are immune to such power. Just because it is invisible, doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.

Humanity has evolved remarkably over the millennium. Our technologies are, when used wisely, works of art. The roofs shielding us from storms were originally built by Mother Gaia. She provided all of our homes with her wood, her steel, her water, her gas, her fire. We would have absolutely nothing if it wasn’t for her. We could not live in cities if we didn’t originally begin in the wilderness. She has always been our home.

As I write this, Pachamama righteously rages with record-breaking fires in Brazil, Siberia, and West Africa. Hurricane Dorian looms over the east coast, warning of its impending reckoning. The Oregonian ocean-side is awakened with seismic shocks, sparking speculation of tsunamis and the overdue great Seattle earthquake. It’s raining micro-plastic. The icebergs are… well, polar bears are eating out of trash cans.

Fear is the easy response. That is, if you aren’t one to deny the reality that is happening (that is true self-absorption). We can’t bypass this one. To be truly whole is to also see the shadow for all that it is.

And it’s okay to be afraid. Honor the grief you may feel; it is valid. All the while, there is strength hidden beneath it. Surrender to the greater power of Gaia, while unveiling the Earth Warrior courage within you. Have faith in her greater plan and trust your role in upholding it. You are her child; she has the ultimate power, but each one of us need to stop hurting her. For our sake, her sake, and the trillions of living organisms we share this home with.


The rippling Butterfly Effect connects us with everything else on this planet. The ashes from Oregon wildfires will one day meet the ashes in Brazil. Decisions we make do count. Actions may feel insignificantly small, but picking up that litter on the beach saves one sea turtle’s life. Isn’t one life alone significant enough? Yes; Now, do it again.

It is time to reclaim our home. Shadows of humans have shackled chains on our food, water, air, ecosystems and abused their greed for far too long.

Their grip may feel too strong to break, but that is the illusion they want us to believe. The 1 percent can’t stand a chance against 99. What do they have behind their masks of money? Nothing but fear itself.

The animals want you to hear their cries for help and speak on their behalf. Advocate for their rights on this planet. Donate to organizations dedicated to healing them. Volunteer at your local animal shelter; learn how to rehabilitate wildlife. Leave out water so that birds, insects and roaming mammals have access to clean hydration. Fill feeders with healthy seed so that squirrels and crows don’t have to revert to your garbage.
You’ll be gifted with magical acts of gratitude: sweet songs in the morning, happily-working bees pollinating your flowers, butterflies that land nearby and allow you to gaze at their gentle glory.

The plants sing to you with their rustles in the wind. They speak of the symbiotic relationship we have danced with them for thousands of years: we take care of them, they feed us.
Oh, how incredible is that carrot? It sprouts from seed into a delicious, bright orange (or red, purple or white) root that nourishes us with the perfect amount of nutrients and vitamins in the ideal size portion and package. How does Mother Nature know what we need so well?

It’s because she is our Mother. Without her, none of us would have ever been here. She has loved and nurtured us even before our beginning. Money, wifi, sales-towers are nothing without her. She is endearingly amused by our collective-constructed illusions of what the world needs to “look like,” for she knows we are all awakening to the truth soon enough. She cries when we are blind to the fact that the entire world is her. She suffers from our selfish, mindless abuse. She begs us to please give her the notice, appreciation and care she has been asking for for centuries.

Call your mom. Thank her for all she has sacrificed for you. You may be hesitant to pick up the phone, or you might be so swept away by daily business you just keep forgetting to. You may be unsure of where to even find her.
If you are ever unclear, know that Pachamama is always right underneath your feet. Will you answer the call?