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White Rose Collective

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The White Rose Collective is a community of advocates, creators & dreamers.

Our free Facebook group is an inclusive online community for exploration into all things holistic health, earth connection & spirituality. Here, we exchange skills + resources, collaborate, uplift each other & share active, compassionate dialogue.

Please feel welcome to join!

Partner Network

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Temple of the White Rose warmly welcomes those who authentically share our intentions, vision, values, & integrity to collaborate with us in sacred service.

Are you:

  • Actively sharing your unique gifts with the world, with the sincere intention of helping others and/or the planet?
  • A trauma-informed, culturally-competent space-holder?
  • Seeking a community network of conscious collaborators to mutually inspire, support, & create alongside?

We’d love to connect with you!

Want to get involved in another way? Let’s connect