Earth Kinship

Crystal Claire with her homegrown Mugwort // Photo by Joanna Ray

Growing in Harmony with Nature

Every part of the human existence is anchored in Nature, no matter how modern our lifestyles are. Our bodies’ natural rhythms depend on the seasons; our best nourishment grows from fertilized soil; our lives are balanced by the elements. When we understand & embody our innate connections to the Earth, our personal lives & communities can flourish far more deeply.

The Earth has countless gifts for each one of us– come receive yours.

Natural Medicine Ceremonies

Plants are far more intelligent than modern cultures often recognize. Honoring natural medicines such as teas, cacao, or herbs in ritual, in alignment with ancestral traditions, is an opportunity to advance beyond the illusions of “consumption” & truly experience the wondrous power of “communion.”

Nurture your ever-growing relationship with Nature by connecting with the wholistic spirits of various plants in safe & sacred ceremony.

Gaia Guardianship

Being in service to the health & healing of the natural world is a lifelong journey– & it can be most effective when we do it together.

In this free introductory initiation into Sacred Activism, you’ll receive 7 weeks of foundational lessons in Gaia Guardianship delivered to your email inbox. You’ll also be welcomed into our Gaia Guardianship online community, where we discuss, inspire & collaborate to help restore the Earth to natural harmony.

Herbal Medicines

In partnership with diverse natural medicine keepers, we offer sustainably sourced, hand-crafted natural medicines to support your physical & energetic wellness.

Customize herbal + mushroom capsules, personalize tincture & essence formulas for your unique needs, & indulge in infused ritual oils created in alignment with ancient traditions.

Regenerating Roots

Our commitment to helping the planet heal is founded upon empowering & uplifting Indigenous communities around the world – the original Gaia Guardians of our planet.

Regenerating Roots is a (pending non-profit) organization devoted to supporting Indigenous Wisdom Keepers by allocating reparations via appropriate resources & funds, while also raising educational awareness of Indigenous + environmentalism causes.

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