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Cosmology Circles :: Here, we sync with the astrological wisdom of the stars & planets to help guide each of us on our unique journeys. All humans (& star seeds) welcome.

Rose Rituals :: This is a safe & sacred space for womb-carriers + those who have actively lived the experience of being a woman. We dive into ancient practices of the Rose, which will support each participant in embodying the Empress within.

Sophianic Ceremonies :: Together, we connect with the spirit of Gaia Sophia, our Great Earth Mother. By spotlighting one natural medicine per each of these ceremonies, such as Cacao, Blue Lotus, Cannabis or other herbs, we develop revitalized relationships with plant & elemental spirits. All humans (& fairies) welcome.

Empowerment Immersions :: These circles are designed to support each participant in moving through personal shadow work with compassionate community support, in order to step into stronger personal sovereignty. All humans (& God/Goddesses) welcome.

Ceremonies may be doubled as fundraisers for important environmental or social justice causes, & will be announced if so. We always offer 25% off discounts for those a part of our BIPOC communities.

Tools we may incorporate

Natural Medicines

Honoring natural medicines such as teas, cacao, cannabis or various herbs in sacred ritual, in alignment with appropriate ancestral traditions, is an opportunity to advance beyond the illusions of “consumption” & truly experience the wondrous power of “communion.”

Sound Bathing

Crystal Singing Bowls, a Singing Merkaba, & a Venusian Rose Gong may be incorporated in a sound bath experience. Additional soundscapes with Native American style flutessteel hand pans, & drums can be included with the invitation of additional practitioner(s).

Trauma-Informed Facilitation

Our space-holders are all trained & experienced in cultural competency, trauma awareness, & compassionate communication skills in order to help co-create a safe & sacred space for all participants.

Upcoming Circles

Last updated June 2021 ::

  • 6/10/21 :: New Moon in Gemini // Portland, Oregon
  • 7/4 – 7/6/21 :: Cacao Ceremony, Plant Spirit Connection workshop, & Multi-Dimensional Self-care tools for Activists workshop at Ouzel gathering // Smith River, California

Connect with (Crystal) Claire using the form below or via Instagram to request details of an upcoming circle!

Inspire a Ceremony

Feel free to place a request for a ceremony, or ask for details of an upcoming planned one. We’d love to connect with you in circle!

Thank you for holding space for my process & growth. I haven’t felt this seen or understood in a long time. This ritual has helped me finally move through some emotional baggage I’ve been carrying for years. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for this experience. I really can’t thank you enough.

Anonymous Cacao Ceremony Participant

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