The following leaders, advocates, guides & creators are friends of Temple of the White Rose: they share our values + intentions, while contributing their own unique sacred service to shared communities. You may see these folks add their special flair to Temple of the White Rose or Regenerative Roots offerings!

Check out what gifts everyone has to offer, & if you’re interested joining our network of partners, read on below!


Sound Bath Facilitator; Performance Artist; Flute Crafter; Event Producer; Mushroom Cultivator

Benja has been producing events & gatherings of all sizes for years, including by incorporating fire + LED light performances & sound excursion journeys. In sound baths, he often plays hand pans, didgeridoos, & flutes he has made from repurposed natural resources. Further, he has experience managing security teams for Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Additionally, he is a mushroom & health enthusiast, & creates personalized wellness capsules with various herbs + mushrooms.

Connect :: @Benja.Being
He // They pronouns

Matthew Koren

Spirit in Transition; Modern Mystery School Guide

Matthew Koren is a Teacher, Healer, Ceremonialist and Metaphysician in the lineage of King Salomon, a 2,500 year old lineage flourishing under the leadership of one of the 7 traditional mystery schools. He is dedicated to providing loving, light-filled spaces for healing, and is committed to supporting the spiritual evolution and growth of all human beings.

(Crystal) Claire has studied with Matthew Koren for multiple years & highly recommends his work for those seeking multi-dimensional guidance.

Connect ::
He // They pronouns

Shona Keeli

The Rose Lineage Mystery School

Shona Keeli is the founder of The Rose Lineage Mystery School, & is a guardian of the Venusian Rose Temple Arts. She shares ancient teachings of the womb, feminine reclamation, & sacred ritual.

(Crystal) Claire has studied with Shona Keeli for multiple years & highly recommends her work for those seeking feminine empowerment support.

Connect :: @TheRoseLineage
She // Her pronouns

Avalon the Cat

(Crystal) Claire’s Familiar

This Pisces pussycat shares the same birthday as her mother, (Crystal) Claire, & comes with her just about anywhere. You may find Avalon galavanting in the forest or snuggling up at an upcoming ceremony or sound bath.

Avalon is named after the Ancient Celtic Priestesses of the Isles of Avalon, who were also known as the Ladies of the Lake (a similar visual to this sweet babe’s dreamy blue eyes). These siren-like icons were thought to have preserved timeworn teachings of feminine wisdom. Or feline wisdom?

Connect :: @CrystalClaire.xo

Lil Peep the Duck

Inner Child Support; RagTag Magazine Mascot

Lil Peep was born on a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer & within 24 hours was swooped up by his new Mama Bird (Crystal Claire), raising him to be a friendly, cuddly, & silly duck – although that could just be his nature.

He stole the hearts of many after being the lone survivor of a predator attack, & was nursed back to health by his mom after a very close call. We are so grateful he is still with us!

Lil Peep’s favorite past-times are swimming + waddling around gardens, making a quack about everything (+ anything) of interest. His favorite snacks are dried maggots & slugs– he simply can’t get enough!

Connect :: @RagTag.Mag

Let’s co-create

Our community is always open to mutually supporting & collaborating with those who share our values & intentions.

Partners are supported with ::
  • Having their works, products, + services featured & cross-shared (as appropriate + relevant)
  • First invitations to be collaborators on Temple of the White Rose offerings & courses
  • Opportunities to share their applicable services or products in relevant settings, with compensation
  • A private collective network where skills & growth are mutually uplifted + supported by fellow partners
  • Prioritization for feedback, guidance & leadership opportunities in related expansions, including at upcoming retreat center(s)
Does this resonate for you? We’d love to connect!