Spirit Synergy

You are your own greatest healer.
We’re here to help you remember how.

Your fullest empowerment is sacred. It is our honored service to help nurture your spirit’s unique flame, so that you may walk the wisdom inherent in your presence. With deep respect, we warmly offer to hold sacred space for your healing, transformation & integration on the road to authentic embodiment.

Photo by Joanna Ray

Intuitive Guidance

These 1:1 sessions incorporate a range of divination tools (Tarot, Runes & more) to channel your highest clarity. Compassionately grounded in trauma-informed peer counseling, Intuitive Guidance readings can often last 1-2 hours in order to ensure recipients complete feeling equipped, refreshed, & returned to center.


Every ceremony is unique. Guided in various group settings, we offer a range of safe, sacred rituals to help fulfill the intentions of participants’ choice. Depending on the ceremony, we may incorporate practices including Shamanic Journeys, Sound Therapy, & Natural Medicines. Join us for gatherings such as Moon Ceremonies, Rose Circles, & Empowerment Immersions.

Photo by Joanna Ray

Vibrational Therapy

Allow yourself to fully relax in 1:1 or intimate group settings, where a safe + sacred environment is created for deep energetic work. Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, & Natural Medicines are generously incorporated to effectively restore recipients’ minds, bodies & spirits with the healing power of frequency technologies.

Rose Womb Heart Sessions

Our cellular memory somatically retains imprints of experiences we’ve had, & we may need support in resetting our energetic field back to our sovereign clarity. Private 1:1 Rose Womb Heart Sessions incorporate shamanic energy + hands-on body work techniques in order to clear away any undesirable energies, & empower the recipient to reclaim their throne. Depending on client needs, we work with the heart, jaw, throat, & womb/hara.

Life Activation

The Life Activation is a traditional modality for consciousness expansion & empowerment in the Lineage of King Solomon. This session clears & cleanses your energetic system, while heightening your intuition & transforming your DNA expression to the next level. The results of this private 1:1 session will continue to expand in your body, mind & spirit for as long as 7 years, & only needs to be completed once in your lifetime.

Writhing in pain and feeling hollow, empty, Claire essentially brought me back to life. Helped me come home to myself like never before. The healing she offered brought me to my sacred circle where I remembered how supported and loved I am. I was able to remember just how powerful I am. With a Grandmother’s level of compassion and wisdom and love; you are Safe with Claire.

Ashley Lancaster,
Massage Therapist

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