Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance sessions go beyond the typical card reading– Crystal Claire incorporates multiple modalities to help ensure that recipients walk away with the personalized support, inspiration & clarity they need.

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Cards, Runes, Astrology

Receive insights from 12+ Oracle Card Decks, 3 Tarot Decks, Nordic Runes & Western Astrology– or all of the above.

Channeled Guidance

Safe & sacred space is set beforehand to ensure messages are channeled with recipient’s highest interests prioritized.

Written Synthesis

After the session, recipients get a written recap summarizing key insights & findings from the session, including recommended resources to continue the journey with.

Claire is amazing! She is truly gifted, my reading with her was so on point. She was really able to capture what was going on in my present life and was able to connect with my loved ones. Claire was extremely easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable! She also shared a few exercises and meditations for me to try that I am excited to practice. Already recommended her to my friends!

Jasmine, Intuitive Guidance Client & Entrepreneur


Intuitive Guidance sessions are 1:1 focused attention incorporating multiple modalities & compassionate counseling. Sessions typically last between 1.5-2 hours. Written summaries may take up to an additional hour after the session to complete.

For this energetic exchange, we ask for a $111-155 sliding scale investment.
Payment plans & work-trade exchanges are available. We offer a 25% discount for those that are Black, Indigenous, & People of Color.

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