Life Activation

Are you ready to quantum leap to new levels of embodiment?

The Life Activation is an ancient modality for consciousness expansion & empowerment. This session cleanses your energetic system, while heightening your intuition & transforming your DNA expression to your next level.

Energy Cleansing

  • Completely cleanse & rebalance your auric + etheric energy fields through an advanced form of quantum energy healing
  • Wash away old thoughts, behaviors, & emotional patterns that are holding you back

Intuition Activation

  • Energize your body, mind & spirit with a new source of divine light
  • Reconnect with your higher self & spirit guides through an informative DNA codon reading

Lasting Change

  • Open up your unique spiritual gifts
  • Rediscover your purpose in life
  • The results of this session will continue to expand in your body, mind & spirit for as long as 7 years, may only need to be completed once in your lifetime

Looking back, it was my Life Activation session that shifted everything in my life for the better. Soon after my session, I quit a toxic job & followed my heart to travel South America. From then on my life aligned onto its rightful course. I have felt so connected with my personal truth & power since.

I didn’t realize it at first, but now I can see that it was the Life Activation session that has made a lasting, significant difference for me– far more than a lot of other healing modalities have. It’s a huge honor for me to share this practice with others now; I could not be more grateful.

Crystal Claire, 2 years after receiving her Life Activation session


Life Activation sessions are 1:1 focused quantum energy healing. Sessions typically last between 1.5 hours. Clients additionally receive 2 spagyrics (alchemically created essences) to take home & energetically support them in their integration.

For this energetic exchange, we ask for a $150-250 sliding scale investment.
Payment plans & work-trade exchanges are available. We offer a 25% discount for those that are Black, Indigenous, & People of Color.

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