Rose Womb Heart Sessions

Are you ready to feel an embodied sense of sensuality, abundance, & trust in yourself & life itself again?
Enter the temple of the Rose & be activated into a full-body reclamation of your role as the Sovereign Queen of your sacred life path.
Immerse in a fully-supported, exquisite self-care commitment to awakening your Rose Eros Essence by diving deeper into the temple that is your body. The living, breathing altar of love that is YOU deserves to be adorned, honored, & worshipped!

What is a Rose Heart Womb Session?

The Venusian Rose Healings are a full body, mind, & soul reactivation to support you to reclaim your embodied power, shake off the shackles of shame around your sexuality & step into the highest version of your feminine form.

The Rose Womb Heart Healing Session includes a health intake, throat + voice clearing, jaw massage, sacred sound activation, Rose Heart breast massage, & Grail Gates womb massage. This potent combination of Elemental Rose Alchemy weaves a vortex of healing energy into form to balance the heart & the whole endocrine system, while deeply anchoring the womb into a state of sensual, safe sovereignty.

Hands-on Body Massage

Experience somatic healing through devotional massage & safe, consensual touch. We begin with Rose Oracle Anointing with sacred oils, move into a Hands-on Rose Heart breastplate massage, & complete with a Grail Gates Womb massage for an immersive experience of external de-armoring, energy clearing & crown reclaiming.

Quantum Energy Healing

Together we will enter into a deep oracular state through the elemental alchemy of the Rose. With the hands-on massage, we also energetically clear + reset your auric body with an advanced form of Reiki. As such, intuitive insights & visions may arise. Release, refine, & realign with your soul’s pure pleasure, presence, & purpose.

Full-Sensory Immersion

Envision exquisite oils, invigorating incense, encompassing sound activations, delicious cacao treats, sweet spring water, fresh roses & rose petals adorning you as you rest on a comfortable massage table in a temple space devoted to you.

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☥ Hormonally balanced reproductive health
☥ Vibrant sexual vitality
☥ Radiant womb fertility, helpful for conceiving a baby, new business &/or a new beloved union
☥ Release shame around sensuality & sexuality
☥ Embodiment of safe sovereign sensuality expression
☥ Reclaiming residency & presence within the body
☥ Heal your history with organized religion
☥ Clear heavy ancestral trauma & karma
☥ Somatic healing from emotional, physical, &/or sexual abuse
☥ Healing of sisterhood wound of jealousy, competition, & betrayal
☥ Releasing unconscious vows, patterns, & programs that are keeping you from living a life full of love
☥ Release blocks & manifest your gifts into the world
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Note: These sessions are also open to those who do not have a womb, because we all have a womb/hara/sacral space. Please send a message if you’d like a session personalized to your unique being in this way.



For 2 hours, these 1:1 sessions are valued at a $444 investment. However, for a limited time while she completes her practice hours, (Crystal) Claire is currently offering these sessions completely on an exchange-trade basis. That means there is no money involved!

If you are interested in booking a session, please consider writing a testimonial afterwards & trading a good or service of comparable value to complete the exchange.

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