Vibrational Therapy

Everything is Vibration. Therapeutic Frequencies return us to Harmony.

Every part of our bodies resonate at a different frequency, from each organ to various muscle tissues down to the cellular level. These wavelengths can shift depending on countless factors, including our health, environment, & energy. We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational world, & taking space for restoration can be profoundly helpful for us to return back to center.

Curious how vibrational therapy works? Check out our blog, How to Heal with Sound.

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Usui Reiki, also known as ‘universal energy healing‘, is a form of vibrational therapy that can help to clear the auric field & provide relief to the physical body. If needed & desired, Energetic Surgery may be incorporated to release any undesirable stuck cords or attachments.

Sound Bathing

Crystal Singing Bowls, a Singing Merkaba, & a Venusian Rose Gong can support you in your vibrational therapy session. Additional soundscapes with Native American style flutes, steel hand pans, & drums can be included with the invitation of additional practitioner(s).

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Targeted Vibration

Additionally, we can place Solfeggio Tuning Forks on various meridian points on your body to directly imbue healing frequencies into your cells. This is a very gentle technique with potentially profound results.


These therapeutic sessions typically last 1-3 hours, based on what is included.

  • 1:1 Reiki = $80-100 sliding scale for 1~ hour
  • 1:1 Reiki + Sound bath = $150-200 for 2.5~ hours
  • 1:1 Private Ceremony including Reiki, Sound Bath, + Plant Medicine = $250-350 for 3~ hours

Payment plans, work exchanges, & discounted subscription plans are available. We always offer 25%-off for members of the BIPOC community.

Make it a gathering! Curious about inviting your friends for a private Group Sound Bath Journey or Group Reiki Circles? Send us a message & we’ll coordinate what would align best. You are also warmly invited to join any of our upcoming public ceremonies to get a taste of what these tools can be like.

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Writhing in pain and feeling hollow, empty, Claire essentially brought me back to life. Helped me come home to myself like never before. The healing she offered brought me to my sacred circle where I remembered how supported and loved I am. I was able to remember just how powerful I am. With a Grandmother’s level of compassion and wisdom and love; you are Safe with Claire.

Ashley Lancaster
Massage Therapist

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